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The Indian Assembly of youth (IAY) was formed in the year 1955 and got Registered with “Registrar of Societies of Delhi” in the Year 1966 with initiative and cooperation of various youth organizations of India. Initially affiliated to the World Assembly of Youth (WAY), IAY withdrew from that body in 1974 along with other Major national youth organizations, IAY is the federation of national youth organizations and provides a common forum where political, student and other youth and service organizations work hand in hand for the welfare of the youth of the country. The First Hon’ble Vice-President of India, Dr .S. Radhakrishnan, was its first patron-in–chief.


AIMS and Objectives

  1. To promote the interests and all-round welfare of Indian youth.
  2. To study the problems of Indian as well as international youth and focus attention on them
  3. To enable Indian youth to realize and fulfill their responsibilities to themselves, to the country and to the world.
  4. To work in cooperation with the youth and youth organizations of India and other countries for the welfare of international youth in general.
  5. To work for the propagation and fulfillment of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of the United Nations.
  6. For achieving all or any of aforesaid aims and objectives and.
  • To bring together and co-ordinate activities of and to affiliate organizations working for the welfare of youth,
  • To conduct periodic lectures, meetings, conferences, seminars, and surveys on matters of interest to national and international youth,
  • To enable youth organizations to participate separately and collectively in National and International conferences and other programmes
  • To provide a medium for the exchange of information about the activities,objectives, and experiences of youth organizations
  • To initiate and conduct national and international youth travel and exchange programmes
  • To establish branches, offices, regional committees, local committees, & the like
  • To affiliate to any national and / or international organizations including the United Nations and its specialized agencies and / or to co-operate with them in all matters concerning the common interests and welfare of national youth
  • To establish and maintain research and reference libraries, reading rooms,study classes, hostels, forums and centers for study, recreation and welfare, for the benefit of youth
  • To further the cause of democracy
  • To publish papers, journals, extracts, pamphlets, books, and the like for promoting the above aims and objects
  • To work in co-operation with the Government of India in the implementation of Youth Programmes.

7. Advocacy and Sustainable Development programs, on addressing issues like:

A. Health

  • To work on awareness, prevention, training and treatment of AIDS,Cancer, Drug addiction and other killer diseases
  • Providing education on health and education

B. Education

  • To ensure education for child and adult illiterate
  • To promote alternative educational sources for dropouts andoutreached community
  • Vocational and job-oriented skill building training for unemployed youth
  • Cyber-security and defense capacity building through proper trainingprogram

C. Natural Resource Management (NRM)

  • Water Shed Management
  • Rainwater Harvesting (RWH)
  • Conservation and cultivation of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants
  • Waste Land Development
  • Common Property Resource Management
  • Promotion of Organic Farming
  • Advance Irrigation Facility

D. Culture

  • Preservation and Promotion of Traditional/Ethnic Culture
  • Promotion of Traditional Healing System

E. Renewable Energy

  • Promotion of all Renewable Energy Sources
  • Sustainable development through Renewable Energy
  • Capacity building in renewable energy sector

F. Rights

  • Women Empowerment
  • Protection of Child Rights
  • Addressing all the issues related to Human Rights
  • Effective Information & Communication for Good Governance

G. Livelihood Hood and Poverty Elevation

  • Promotional of Alternate Livelihood through all possible sources
  • Entrepreneurship Development through Cottage Industry

H. Provide on request of Co-NGO’s / institution / organization / communities /professional bodies, consultancy services and expertise for formulation of sustainable development strategies

I. All possible research work related to Social Development


Key highlights of Programmes and Activities:

  • IAY has organized a large number of programmes which include: Asian seminar for youth workers in Ahmadabad
  • Another seminar on the role of youth in community development and fundamental education at Patna
  • National Youth Leadership Training seminars
  • In 1992 IAY organized a workshop on “Role of students and teachers in Environment protection” in association with Inter Club of Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute, New Delhi
  • Painting competition and symposium on environment was also arranged by IAY in1992
  • In collaboration with Afro-Asian Rural Reconstruction Organization, IAY conducted a South East Asian Rural seminar at Bangalore, which was a grand success and a great achievement for IAY
  • Organised National seminar on “Youth and Family Planning” in cooperation with the Vishwa Yuvak Kendra and WAY resulting in a nationwide project to educate the young people about the gravity of population explosion
  • IAY cooperates with the member organizations in organizing training camps, seminars and such activities for the benefit of the members of the organization
  • The assembly has sent a number of delegations consisting of representatives of the member organizations to attend the seminars, conferences, consultative meetings etc., to different parts of the world and has received similar delegations from different countries to India
  • Exchange programmes have been with countries like Korea (NCYOK), Japan (NKK),Denmark (Danish Youth Council), Germany (Young Farmers Association), Nepal (NYO & YHA), The Netherlands (CEI), Scotland (CEI) and many more
  • IAY also participated in celebrations of International Youth Year (1985) in Japan and Malaysia. This international exchange of youth has helped in creating better understanding among youth leaders of different countries
  • IAY also organizes national consultative meetings as also specific consultative meetings on the problems of young working women, in addition to promoting rural youth camps, painting competitions of young artists, trekking programmes, youth rallies and celebration of rural youth day on 1st February every year 


Registered: 24-May-1966 (Registrar of Societies, Delhi)

Address: 16, Northend Complex, Ram Krishna Ashram Marg, New Delhi 110001

Phone: +91 98107 76616 | +91 70422 64616

Email: info@iayindia.org

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