The Great Legacy


First Patron-in-Chief
Dr. S. Radhakrishnan (Former President of India, First UNESCO President)

First Board of Trustees
1. Morarji R. Desai, chairman (Former Prime Minister of India)
2. Ravi Dutt(UNESCO Awarded Community leader, Chairman IAY)
3. Vijayalakshmi Pandit ( Former UN General Assembly president)
4. Nawal H Tata
5. Charat Ram
6. S.P. Godrej
7. Ramkrishna Bajaj

Former Chairman
Ravi Dutt( UNESCO Awardee)


Members Organizations

Membership of IAY is diverse. It includes, among others, voluntary youth organizations that subscribe to its aims and objectives and any other organization which is likely to be of assistance in furthering the aims of IAY.

Current Affiliate Project Partners
a) Knowledge – Vedaang EduCom
b) Technology – KCMconnect
c) Others – Vedaang Insure
d) Environment protection - Caretakers of the Environment International India (CEI India), national branch of CEI, The Netherlands

Former Ordinary Members

a) Indian Rural Youth Federation (BGYS)
b) Young home Makers Committee
c) All India Seva Dal brotherhood
d) Bhartiya Dalit Varg Yuvak Sangh
e) Indian Council of Young Deaf
f) Bank Employees Union
g) National Council of Rural Youth Clubs of India Bhartiya Yuvak Sangh
h) Bhartiya Yuvak Sangh
i) PLANT ( An organsiation for the preservation of environment)
j) National Federation of Students
k) Indian Union off Teachers

Former Associate Members

l) Vikas bharti
m) Ekta Samiti
n) Bhartiya Kala Sangam trust
o) Rural Education Society
p) ND Citizens Association

Former Friends
q) Citizen Study Council
r) Rotract Club
s) Young Lions
t) Parivar Kalyan Kendra Sangathan
u) Fine Art Academy

Programmes and Activities

IAY has organised a large number of programmes which include Asian Seminar for the youth workers in Ahmadabad, another Asian Seminar on the role of the youth in community development and the fundamental education at Patna, It has also organized a National youth Leadership Training seminar, In 1992 IAY organised a workshop on “Role of students and teachers in environment protection” in association with inter Club of Air Force Golden Jubilee Institute, New Delhi. A painting Exhibition and Symposium on environment was also arranged by IAY in 1992.

IAY conducted in collaboration with Afro-Asian Rural Reconstruction Organization, a south East Asian Rural seminars at Bangalore, which was a grand success and great achievement of IAY. It also organized national Seminar on “youth and Family planning: in cooperation with the vishwa Yuvak Kendra and WAY resulting in a nationwide project to educate the young people about the gravity of population explosion.

IAY cooperates with the member organizations in organizing training camps, seminar and such activities for the benefit of the members of the organization. The assembly has sent a number of delegations consisting of representatives of the member organizations to attend the seminars, conferences, consultative meetings etc. to different parts of the world and has received similar delegations from different countries to India. Such exchange programmes have been with countries like Korea (NCYOK), Japan ( NKK), Denmark ( Danish Youth Council), Germany( Youth Farmers Association), Nepal(NYO&YHA), IAY also participated in celebrations of international youth year ( 1985) in Japan and Malaysia. This international exchange of youth has helped in creating better understanding among youth has helped in creating better understanding among youth leaders of different countries.

The IAY also organizes national consultative meetings as also specific consultative meetings on the problems of young working women, in addition to promoting rural youth camps, painting competitions of young artists, trekking programmes, youth rallies and celebration of rural youth day on 1st February every year.

IAY & Asian Youth Council
IAY is a rounder member of the Asian Youth Council (AYC) since its inception in 1972 in Malaysia. Shri Tunku Abdulah representing Malaysian Youth Council was elected as its first President and Shri K.V. Reddy of IAY as its first Secretary General. In Collaboration with AYC, IAY organised 8 national Seminars on different topics in various parts of the country apart from hosting the Third General Assembly of the AYC in 1980 at Agra and the Executive Committee Meeting in 1978 at Lucknow.

IAY & Government of India
IAY has participated in programmes and delegations organised by the government of India especially those which are held under the auspices of Department of youth Affairs and Sports, Ministry of Human Resource Department.

Youth & Family Planning Project
IAY conducted a nationwide project to educate youth below the age of 25 years towards the gravity of Population explosion and its effects on them. The project organised state level seminars in different parts of the country and did extensive work in Haryana and Orissa with the initial financial assistance from Government of India, Ministry of Health and family Welfare. It also produced a short film ‘NEK SALAH’ – (GOOD ADVISE), a film on Family planning

IAY & UN Agencies 
IAY is closely associated with the UN through its consultative status with UNESCO and UNICEF. It has been taken as the institutional member of the National Commission for cooperation with UNESCO, Department of Education.

As part of its major project ‘Mutual Appreciation of the culture of the Orient and occident’ the UNESCO asked IAY to carry out a National Sample Survey on the attitudes of youth and the values to which they remain attached. The results of the survey were published in 1962.

Youth Forum of UN Systems
A UN sponsored meeting on the ‘youth Forum of the UN Systems’ (held on 27-29 May 1991) called upon youth mechanisms at the UN, International and regional levels to continue to act as channels of communications between the UN & Youth and youth & Youth organizations by putting forth their proposals for cooperation with UN systems.

IAY Proposals to UN
IAY has put up proposals for cooperation with UN Systems on Information, Internship, Youth Congress, Culture, Education, Employment, Trade, and Environment, housing, Health, Drug Abuse, youth Exchange programmes and Travel/Tourism.
The youth Forum of the UN systems has included the suggestions of IAY for discussion in the youth Forum of the UN systems. IAY also participated in the UN Forum and was invited by it to submit Action Plan 1993-95 for celebrating the Tenth Anniversary of international youth year.

IAY strongly feels that unless the UN comes forward with objective planning to mobilize the vast youth power towards constructive purposes, the world faces a serious problem of unemployment and street violence especially in the Third world countries.

IAY brings out publications which include ‘Youth in India Today’ & ‘Indian Youth Review’. It also publishes IAY information newsletter for the benefit of its members. These publications include information on various topics of interest of youth leaders and articles written by youth leaders.



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